CianoDock is a free, simple, circular dock launcher with a considerable dose of stylishness added for good measure.

Features and Benefits

This program keeps things simple by maintaining only a single level of icons. First create folder-like groups on the outer rim; next, drag your files, executable, or folders to insert them within. The program will auto-grab the icons for all items (except folders).

Simple: and straightforward; you can get the hang of it straight away.

Customizable: ctrl+drag PNGs to the middle of the launcher to change the background (hint: you need a circular transparency around the image). Additional background variations can be downloaded here. For icons, drag a PNG to any of the items on the circle to change those (note, however, that you might need to uncheck hide and hide when you launch an application in the settings to be able to do so). You may need to do it twice though before it takes. To change the order of displayed icon, use CTRL+ALT and click on the icons.


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