DownTango is an innovative approach to file download management. It combines the best features every download management software should have and serves them in a beautiful and easy-to-use manner.

Features and Benefits

Using it enables you to:

  • Download any type of file you want.
  • Manage your downloads from anywhere.
  • Enjoy a simple and efficient User Interface.

Download any type of file you want!

DownTango makes it easy to get faster downloads, manage your files and optimize system resources.
New features:

  • 100% Clean, free
  • Faster and more stable Download
  • Supports parallel multi-file downloads
  • Optimized bandwidth requirements, does not slow your browsing

Enjoy a simple and efficient User Interface

DownTango's principle is to be accessible and a pleasure to work with, even for less experienced users, therefore:

  • The UI contains just the most necessary elements - no clutter, only clear and self-explanatory stuff.
  • The options and settings are kept to the minimum - and even without changing or editing them everything will still work just fine.
  • The software integrates with your favourite browser, allowing you to download the files directly from there, which makes it even faster and easier.


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