An Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw
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Features and Benefits

Inkscape supports many advanced SVG features (markers, clones, alpha blending, etc.) and great care is taken in designing a streamlined interface. It is very easy to edit nodes, perform complex path operations, trace bitmaps and much more. We also aim to maintain a thriving user and developer community by using open, community-oriented development..

Inkscape 0.48 has brought many improvements to the Text Tool. There are now controls for superscript, subscript, line spacing, letter spacing, word spacing, horizontal kerning, vertical kerning, and rotation

After many years and countless requests, Inkscape 0.48 now supports editing multiple paths at the same time. Previously editing with the Node Tool had a limitation of working with only one path at a time

Inkscape 0.48 has added a Spray Tool to quickly and easily spray multiple copies of items. With the parameters for rotation and size it allows creating effects that previously would take much longer to achieve

This illustration of a Ferrari by Gilles Pinard was done by hand without any tracing. Gradients, blurs, and other various other techniques really bring this image to life.

Inkscape 0.48 now has a preference that allows users to take advantage of multi-threading for the Gaussian Blur filter. This filter makes one of the biggest impacts on Inkscape's performance when in use. Mariana Sing uses blur throughout this image for subtle details, smooth color transitions, and numerous effects.


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