KMPlayer 3 comes with a browser engine that draws web pages 200% faster than Google Chrome.

Features and Benefits

This version of the player through the KM commercially available 3D glasses alone jeokcheong General monitors and TV viewing is available from the 3D image. In addition, polarization mode also supports users with existing polarization monitor or TV can be easy for anyone to enjoy 3D images. And, Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) function supports PC, notebook, tablet PC, etc. without a cable connected to the TV watching videos are available

  • 3D Formats (Side-By-Side, Top-and-Bottom) video playback support (jeokcheong, polarization)
  • - 10-bit H.264 support
  • - Intel Widi support.
  • - "DV5P" additional video codecs
  • - FLAC file support for Album Art thumbnail
  • - When playing audio files, thumbnail image display enhancements. (MP3, FLAC, WMA)
  • - ColorSpace error correction.
  • - Intel Codec H.264 playback error correction.
  • - WinAmp Plugin loading fixes.
  • - Malicious code modulated video playback vulnerability occurs EIP register error correction (providing vulnerability: KISA)
  • - Windows 7 fixes at the desktop view.
  • - Album Art bug fixes that do not load normally.
  • - EVR (C / A) when used in the SKIP WMV files do not display the screen for error correction.
  • - KMP HTTP Reader bug fixes.
  • - MOV file, the error correction in the AAC codec Parser.
  • - MKV files SKIP error correction.


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