Screen Capture + Print is a freeware software for Windows and allows to capture the screen content or part of it to the clipboard, to print directly or to save it as a picture.
Developers : Infonautics

  • Capture of any requested screen area
    (Click on icon in task bar and use the mouse to drag requested selection).
  • Capture of full screen
    (Click on icon and then click on desktop once; or use menu "Capture Desktop").
  • Capture of a single window with or without frame
    (Menu "Capture Window", then click on title bar or content within window).
  • Support of desktops spanning multiple monitors (primary monitor left, secondary monitors to the right).
  • Support of transparent windows and screen areas.
  • Support of windows displaying video (without hardware video overlay).
  • Output of captured screen area to clipboard for further use in other applications.
  • Direct printing of captured screen area.
  • Saving captured screen area to file (JPG GIF BMP PNG TIF).
  • The latest selections of output path and format will be kept as settings.


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