is the best free chat including amazing features like free SMS, group chat, file transfer, unlimited history using your Facebook or Google talk account.
Developers :

Features and Benefits

Send and receive free SMSes globally

Send an SMS to your friends in several countries and receive their replies in the same chat window.

Chat across Facebook, Google Talk, etc.

Chat with your friends across Facebook, Google Talk and other IM networks through

Read and Delivery confirmations

Get a confirmation that your buddy on Facebook, Gtalk has received and read your message if they use

Amazing Group Chat

Group chat with your friends across Facebook, Google Talk and other IM networks.

Web, Desktop or Mobile

Talk with buddies from your browser, PC or Mac while at home and continue the conversation on your mobile while on the move.

Share files instantly

Just drag the photo, video or document you want to share with your buddies on Facebook, Google Talk etc. into your chat window and send it to them instantly.

Permanent searchable history

Track your complete conversation history at all times across all your devices. Access history easily, anytime, anywhere.


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