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The latest version of Apple Safari has the following changes:

VoiceOver Screen Reader Safari features built-in support for Apple’s VoiceOver screen reader in OS X. VoiceOver describes aloud what appears on your screen and reads the text and links of websites. Using VoiceOver, you can completely control the computer with the keyboard instead of the mouse.

ARIA Support

Safari supports Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA). The ARIA standard helps web developers make dynamic web content more accessible for people with disabilities. With ARIA, sites taking advantage of advanced technologies like AJAX and JavaScript can now easily interoperate with assistive technologie

Enhanced Keyboard Navigation

Thanks to the enhanced keyboard navigation options in Safari, you can navigate the web without a mouse. Press the Tab key, and Safari jumps to the next password field, pop-up menu, or input field. For increased keyboard control, you can hold down the Option key while tabbing to have Safari skip through every link on the page. And if you press the Return key, Safari opens the highlighted link, letting you point and click with just a few keystrokes

Full-Page Zoom

Zoom in or out on web content using keyboard shortcuts, Multi-Touch gestures, or the Zoom toolbar button for more comfortable reading. Images and graphics scale up while your text remains razor sharp, keeping the web page layout consistent as you zoom. To add the Zoom button to your toolbar, simply choose Customize Toolbar from the View menu and drag the button onto your toolbar.

Zoom Text Only

You can choose to zoom in on only the text when you take a closer look at a web page.

Closed Captions for HTML5 Video

Safari can now deliver an accessible video experience. If a video embedded in a web page using the HTML5 video tag includes closed captions, click the CC button in the video controls to display them.

Custom Style Sheets

Apply a custom style sheet that you download or create yourself that sets default fonts, font sizes, colors, and contrast, making your favorite websites more readable


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