Right Click Enhancer

Gives you power to control the ultimate right click menu everyone use every day
Developers : Rbsoft

This little tool will provide you with everything for the right mouse button needs.The new version comes with improved performance and new user interface.There the following functions in the context menu Enhancer.

- Copy to Folder, Move to folder - When you select one of the options menu, you browse to any location on your hard disk to copy or move a file into this folder.

- Flip 3D window switching - adds Flip3D features of Windows Vista and Windows 7 on your right click context menu.

- Create a list of files - add ability to create a list of files in a folder or drive.

- The Administrator command line - added Highest level of the command line to the right click context menu.When selected public administrator command prompt at that location.

- Encryption and decryption - When years encrypt a file or folder to another user on the computer can not open the encrypted files.

- God Mode - If you open the folder that contains all the settings window in one place. Some of them are not even present in the normal control panel.

- Open Notepad - adds the ability to open any file in Notepad.

- You can also add custom folders in your My Computer, Control Panel, desktop and right click context menu.

- Add a folder to send - adds a folder to send the right click context men.


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