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Text Images:

Sometimes, it is necessary to save a text as an image. For example, if you want to design the headers of your homepage in a special font or format, and maybe the font is not installed on each computer. It spends a lot of time to create and save all the images of a homepage - in the case you do this task with a common graphics application. It is much more faster to use this tool. With the help of the tool TextImages, you can write a great number of texts on images at the same time. With this tool, you only need a list of all your headers or texts that should be processed and your desired format. The rest is carried out by TextImages.

After seconds, with this application the first text will be written on an image and saved. You can save your image in a format of your choice and you can adjust lots of settings. For example you can adjust the font, the margins and spaces, the colors, the background, line breakes, sizes and much more. It was never so easy to write texts on images.


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