Voxeet makes web conferencing work better for people, every day. Experience high definition sound quality, speaker recognition and transfer your online conferences to your cell phone in one click.

Features and Benefits

You simply indicate your availability to others and control who gets access.

Scheduling or participating in calls: Easily Create Conferences - Start a Quick Conference. Manage your active conferences Always-on - Select conferences you want to join, leave them on all day as open channels, respond based on relevance and priority.

Contacts are organized: Sort your contacts in groups. Easily connect and invite participants (coming soon) : Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn

Collaboration Tools: Visual representation of attendees - Move users' avatars to your liking during the conference. Whispering room (coming soon) - Use the whispering room to have a private step-out-of-the-room conversations with one or several participants during a live meeting


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